Initial Sketch
Taking inspirations from John Baldessari, I want to create something that is framed, deformed and repurposed. I want it to be viewed from different perspectives.
The photograph I decided to use was first taken during my freshman year at the beginning of the photography class, it is repurposed to become my final of that class. It was an important memory for me because it was produced from a pure accident but it is still one of my favorite works till now.
Like how John Baldessari worked from the photo, I take elements from my photo and transformed them into the frame. Although the founded object I choose to work with for now is a twig, it can be changed to other objects that can be found in the filed, like flowers. 
The theme of this sculpture is memory. Not only because it is inspired by a photograph that is special for me, but it also has the ability to contain the memory. The text “in memory of” implies both the inspiration from Baldessari and the object that is found and taken away from its natural environment. 
The founded object is decorated and hid by the frame like how we address our memory, it is blurry, yet significant at the same time. It provides a different view each time the point of view changes. The staircase is inviting the viewers to peek in, but the wood is blocking and protecting the object behind.
The size of this sculpture would be about the size of a water bottle, which could be kept on the table easily. It should be visible, yet not too overwhelming. It may be forgotten, but the memory is presented no matter what.
The sculpture is imaged to be put on top of a working table, where the sun shines through the window. The screen that is made from polylactic is embossed with the photograph to make the found object ambiguous. To challenge the viewer's gaze, the found object is being kept carefully on the table while it can be beautifully preserved, but rotting as time passes.
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