We as social animals are constantly under the influence of others’ opinions, especially on the aspect of personality and identity. There is a person who is more extroverted and more willing to show her personality and feelings. She opened up her heart and mind, leaving her feelings and emotions under others’ interpretations. The exposure provides others more opportunities to get close to her. Whether it is positive or negative interactions, she enjoys being in the group. Existing in the same space, is another person who is more introverted, and not as willing as the other girl to show herself. Guarding her feelings, she blends into the background, wants to fit in the group and is afraid to give up her personal space. People pass by her without noticing. The chance for interaction is less probable. She carefully hides behind her shell and avoids anyone to see her true self. But when the extroverted person approaches to her, passion and energy break through her shell, and her heart and mind was exposed. This is when these two people can truly know each other.
We used many geometrical forms like cubes and squares to represent the static surface that is limited to interpretation. The cubes are made from tracing paper as a symbol of heart and mind and it is translucent and fragile as if you’re exposing your vulnerable side. We filled the cubes with colored paper which symbolize feeling, emotion, personality, etc., because colors generally communicate information about one’s personality and emotions. Colors in “exposing” piece are organized as each color is filled into each cube at first, and they are mixed as others interact with it as if someone influence your feelings. On the contrast, the colors in “guarding” piece are mixed and sealed in the box which symbolize the chaotic state of one’s heart when there is no way to release the stress. Both pieces apply time as the “exposing” constantly drops papers and the “guarding” stays the same over time. We also used the element of sound with the colored paper inside the cubes to call attention to the piece. The source of sound is obvious in the “exposing” piece while it is hidden behind the fences in the “guarding” piece. Lines, which are primary elements of everything, are also fundamental in both pieces as the base of the “heart and mind”. The wire sticking out from the head represents the framework of oneself and the willingness of being open to others. Although the wire can be flexible, it is able to hold its form. On the other hand, the card boards that are layered to build the framework signifies the weak protection which looks strong, but is easy to be torn apart. 
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