In The Chinese Lengend...
There are four ancient animals, the Azure Dragon, the Vermillian Bird, the Black Tortoise, and the White Tiger, that were once the guardians the land. They are known as the Four Symbols. Each of them is responsible of protecting one of the directions og the land, north, south, west and east. People lived happily and safely under their blesses.
However, so many years has passed, and people no longer rely on the Four Symbols’ powers, hence, the power of the Symbols slowly faded, and they turned into stones waiting to be summoned again. 
A group of warlocks found a way of  using the Four Symbols power by magic cards, as well as the secret treasures that grand man the same power as the Four Symbols. The treasures were hided by the ancient gods and can only be found by the Four Symbols. In order to prevert the war, the warlocks decided to hold a contest to compete for the treasures, the one who uses power of the Symbols the most wisely would rule the world.
Now, as a warlock, race for your treasures with the power of the Four Symbols, and claim the ruler of the world.
How to play
1. Prepare the map. Place the treasures at any of the corner squares except the bonus square. The playing pieces are put onto the map at anyplace but the 3*3 squares in the corner. (*All players have the right to decide where to put the piece.)
2. Each player draw 3 treasure collectors which indicates the target treasures.
3. The game starts with the youngest player, and goes clockwise.
4. At the beginning of each turn, each player will draw a card from the deck and move the piece accordingly. Each piece moves in a certain way, refers to “Playing Pieces” for the details.
5.When a piece is moved into a square where there is another piece, the player can continue to move the resting piece according to the rule of “Transfering Power”.
6.The player has to move the piece that’s been drawed first and at once.
7.The treasures are located at each coner of the map. When a piece is moved into the corner square, the treasure is collected. And the player can pick up the treasure that is placed in the square and put it into the corresponding collector.
8.Once the treasure is claimed. The piece would be put back to anywhere on the map but the 3*3 squares by the previous player.
9. When you arrived at the bonus corner, you have an opportunity of choosing any treasure to receive at once.
10.The game will continue until a player collectes all the target trerasure.
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